Improve your skills and learn new disciplines with your ski instructor!

Skiing with a ski instructor allows you to become more self confident, to improve your skiing abilities and to enjoy and have fun!

The ski instructors of Scuola Italiana Sci Pinzolo can give you advice about new equipment, suitable to your own abilities and easier to use, so to ski in full safety and with little effort.

The ski instructor is not only a professional skier, but he will tell you about everything concerning the mountains, in summer and in winter. Listening to his experiences will help you to better understand this wonderful enviroment and make the most of it.

"You don't teach others what you want,
and don’t teach them what you know
or want you think to know:
you can teach them what you are."

Jean Jaurés

Scuola Italiana Sci Pinzolo was born in 1978 and is made up of excellent ski instructors, both on a technical and eductional level, qualified in teaching to children, people with special needs, and to those who wish to pursue a competitive career. Our philosophy? Have fun together, share our passion and improve your abilities!

Entrust the Scuola Italiana Sci Pinzolo: 38 years of activity and positive results are a certainty!

Why the ski instructor?

Because he is your friend in the mountains and on the slopes, gifted with experience of the place where he lives. Turn to a ski instructor for your early steps on the snow and carry on with him to become better and better, having fun and never getting tired.

A ski lesson gives you the chance to meet other people, socialize and make new friends. Ask your instructor not only about the equipment, but also about things to do and where to spend a nice evening out. He is your partner when it comes to having fun on the ski slopes!

Our ski instructors

  • Matteo Caola

  • Enrico Povinelli

  • Roberto Mase

  • Barbara Bonapace


  • Simone Ferrazza

  • Martina Ceschini

  • Enrico Collini

  • Diego Lorenzetti

  • Enrico Moresi

  • Maddalena Collini

  • Nicola Binelli

  • Simone Ferrazza

  • Luca Lorenzetti

  • Nicola Maturi

  • Fabio Collini

  • Stefano Povinelli

  • Ermanno Salvaterra

  • Marino Monfredini

  • Harry Strom

  • Laura Monfredini

  • Alberto Lucchini

  • Andrea Romanello

  • Marco Marchetti

  • Marco Albertini

  • Riccardo Bertarelli

  • Stefano Maturi

  • Danilo Lorenzetti

  • Valentino Bonapace

  • William Bombarda

  • Dario Lorenzetti